Business Analyst

We Are

Half Past Nine is a boutique marketing and management consulting firm focused on growth and infrastructure development for our clients. We’re a young, global, and dynamic team with big dreams. We serve a small number of clients and are hands-on, providing a near ‘extension of the team’ experience. We serve the following industries: Healthcare, SaaS, and E-commerce. We are looking for an entry-level Business Analyst to join our team in Q3 2022. 

You Are

A graduating senior in the class of 2022, with the drive to enter the consulting or investment banking industries. You are also applying to MBB consulting roles. This role requires no previous full-time experience, but it does require you to be young, hungry, and ready-to-learn. 

Your Day-To-Day

Your day to day will consist of supporting the founders across all clients, developing your skills in strategy development, project management, client relations, and technology consulting. You will also analyze our client data looking for opportunities, analyze industries, market trends, and more. This role will be highly generalist - enabling you to garner a holistic view and understanding of internal business operations, project management, markets, channels, media trends, and growth strategy. 

Why Half Past Nine

Instead of joining as a cog-in-the-machine at a larger consulting, banking, or technology company, here you have the opportunity to build a world-class organization from the ground up. Your compensation package here will be competitive, yet, you’ll work on client projects that run the gambit, as well as helping to build up the company itself. 

What You Will Do

  • Project Management and Client Coordination 
  • Strategy and Client Presentation Development
  • Data Analysis and Data Quality Assurance 
  • Development of Internal Operations, Systems, and Processes
  • You will learn, a lot!

You Are

  • A self-starter - You don’t require people to tell you what to do 
  • A macro-level, strategic thinker - You often see the big picture, are well-informed, and know a lot about the world 
  • Detail-oriented and timely - You’re rarely late, and recognize that details are important
  • Confident and personable - You can walk the walk, and talk the talk
  • A scrappy problem solver - You’re resourceful and, and enjoy finding creative solutions to complex problems
  • Kind and optimistic - You’re tactful and can navigate social situations well 
  • Excellent work ethic - This role might involve late nights and weekends 
  • Highly self-aware - You’re highly empathetic and can ‘read a room’

Role Details

This role is fully remote. This role will begin after graduation, and is flexible on start date. Salary compensation begins at $80,000 base + benefits and Half Past Nine will match any other job offers you may have.

Interview Process

This role will have multiple rounds of interviews and may include a take home project or a strengths assessment prior to your interview. 

To Apply

Please email a resume and cover letter to us at