Lead Data Engineer

About Us and Your Team:

Half Past Nine was founded to redefine the experience companies have working with outside marketing partners. Founded in 2020, we're a young, and diverse team that spans 4 continents. We were also founded to be 100% remote, and have no plans to require team members to return to a boring, stuffy, office, ever.

Half Past Nine is a Digital Growth Consultancy. We help our clients do one thing: scale, sustainably. With a team that hails from every function of marketing from Brand, Marketing Automation, Paid, to PR, to Social, we view growth as a holistic challenge that requires a 360° view on customer acquisition, journey, and retention.

That said, Half Past Nine is not a full-service shop. We focus on two things: paid media, and Marketing Intelligence. Paid media meaning the deployment of paid dollars at the intersection of efficiency and long term growth. Marketing Intelligence meaning best-in-class technology and solutions to have a unified, holistic, 360° view on CAC, LTV, the customer, and the market.

Your Mission:

As Lead Data Engineer, your mission is to own all things data across the company and our clients. This includes reporting and dashboard development as well as full-stack big data  / ML data science projects.

What it's Like to Work Here:

  • Challenge - working here is fast paced with a high standard for excellence. You are expected to be an absolute hustler, pushing hard to meet deadlines and client deliverables.
  • Growth - As an early member of the team you will have unparalleled opportunities to grow alongside the firm. This role has substantial growth opportunities and financial upside, including a track to senior leadership and team development.
  • Freedom - we believe in hiring the best and at the same time giving ultimate freedom to those on the team. This is not a workplace where you have someone breathing down your neck. This is a place where your voice and opinion is heard and valued.
  • Flexible Work Hours - If you don't have meetings, no one is keeping score on whether you sign-on at 8 am or 10:30 am. Or if you sign off at 3pm or 7pm. There's an expectation that you will do whatever it takes to get your work done, but there is no expectation of fixed work hours. This isn't a factory line.
  • 100% Remote - and we mean it. If you can get your work done while on a beach in Miami, go for it. All we ask is for no client calls from the beach please.
  • Benefits - Monthly reimbursements for gym memberships, health + wellness, and continued education. Full Health Insurance, Dental, Vision, and PTO that you're actually encouraged to take.
  • A competitive salary, with benefits and additional compensation opportunities.

Your Responsibilities:

  • Own the full cycle of marketing dashboard development: understanding dashboard goals, data ingestion, transformations, visualizations in Tableau
  • Work with existing and new data sources, either via 3rd party ETL tools, or directly with their APIs, deploying them to run frequently on GCP
  • Transform raw marketing data (e.g. GA4 data) to a format suitable for complex visualizations (e.g. sankey charts) and develop the visualizations on Tableau
  • Build ci/cd pipeline and continuous deployment in GCP for multiple projects
  • Develop internal martech tools to track ad impressions and model marketing attribution based on raw event data
  • Drive and increase data maturity for Half Past Nine while building a world-class data infrastructure

Required Hard Skills:

  • 3+ Years of experience working with complex, large-volume, digital marketing data
  • 3+ Years of experience working on end-to-end data projects from ingestion, transformation, and visualization
  • Previously built marketing models, including CLV/LTV, user journeys and attribution models. Attribution models include ones outside of first/last touch, linear, weight based, time decay
  • Previously completed number of marketing dashboards from gathering requirements to ingesting and transforming the data to data visualizations
  • Previously deployed apps in Cloud Run using Cloud Build
  • Designed and executed data pipelines (python, airflow)
  • Optimized dashboards so that they are fast and user-friendly
  • Worked within larger data team or with external vendors

Your Competencies:

  • You are Confident and Personable with strong Project Management Abilities
  • You are convicted in your ideas and can communicate them respectfully. Required to own and manage client relationships, project timelines, data infrastructure. Manage third party data visualization agency.
  • You are Detail-oriented, Organized, and Timely
  • You’re rarely late, and recognize the difference between something good and something great is attention to detail.
  • You organize tools, infra and code in a systematic ecosystem that is easy to collaborate in and maintain.
  • You are a Holistic, Creative Problem-Solver at Heart
  • You’re resourceful and enjoy finding creative solutions to complex problems. You understand the value of velocity over perfection.
  • You are Highly Analytical
  • You have the ability to digest complex datasets and translate findings into actionable recommendations to support HP9's partners.
  • You are Collaborative and Communicative
  • You develop strong working relationships, communicate clearly, and respond in a timely manner.
  • You are a Quick Learner
  • You have confidence in navigating uncharted territory, you have a process for learning new things quickly.

The Interview Process

At Half Past Nine, we value transparency. That means we believe you should know what you're in for when you apply. The process looks like this:

  1. Please apply via the form attached at the bottom of this page.
  2. If you are a good fit, we will respond with a calendar link to set up our first interview. We will do our best to respond to all applications.
  3. There will be between 4-5 interviews, with durations as follows.
  4. Interview 1: 30 minutes
  5. Interview 2: 90 minutes
  6. Interview 3+: 60 minutes
  7. Interview 4: 60 minutes
  8. There will be a reference check conducted at the final stage. If this is not ok with you, please do not apply.
  9. We will do our best to be as expedient with the interview process as possible, to get you an answer in the shortest amount of time.