Senior Data Engineer 

We Are:

Half Past Nine is a boutique marketing and management consulting firm focused on growth and infrastructure development for our clients. We’re a young, global, and dynamic team with big dreams. We serve a small number of clients and are hands-on, providing a near ‘extension of the team’ experience. We serve the following industries: Healthcare, SaaS, and E-commerce. We are looking for an experienced Senior Data Engineer to join our team.

You Are:

As a Senior Data Engineer, you are critical to the leadership and development of the business intelligence and marketing analytics components of our consultancies business model. You will help to creatively storytell with data, finding new and creative ways to look at our clients, their industries, and the world around them.

What you will do:

  • Conceptualize Creative Ways to Storytell with Data
  • Strategize on Model Development 
  • Build and Maintain Data Pipelines including data ingestion and transformation using Apache Airflow and third party tools such as FiveTran or Funnel IO. 
  • Strategize, Develop, and Maintain our Data Tech Stack (FiveTran, Funnel, Snowflake, Tableau)
  • Develop Visualizations in Tableau 
  • Work hand in hand with our Marketing and CRM leaders to unify data models and data strategy 

You ideally have:

  • An understanding of basic marketing concepts (CPC, CPM, CPA, Digital Advertising, Attribution)
  • Experience with Data Transformation and Modeling
  • Comfort with SQL and Python
  • Experience with Web-Scraping, Social Listening Projects  
  • Knowledge of Information Security Best Practices, Encryption, Data Protection 

You have worked with in the past:

  • ETL / ELT Tools such as FiveTran / Stitch / Funnel 
  • Snowflake, GCP
  • Apache Airflow either running it in VM or serverlessly via Cloud Composer or similar
  • Tableau Desktop
  • Marketing Data, Specifically Performance Media Data

You are:

  • Mathematically Creative
  • Constantly seeking new ways to storytell with data 
  • A scrappy problem solver
  • Kind and optimistic 

Role Details:

This role will begin officially on January 3rd, 2022, on a contract-basis with full-time opportunity.

To Apply

Please email a cover letter and resume to us at