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After working with 20+ clients who wanted to grow through performance media, we quickly realized they all needed additional support developing the right infrastructure in order to achieve their full potential and get to where they wanted.

We saw an opportunity to provide a unique, integrated service, and this has heavily resonated with the market.

In the process, we’ve discovered a fascination for building future-proofed infrastructure design. From pulling historical data into full ownership forecasts using our own insight, redesigning reporting architecture for the intelligence to scale, or infrastructure fundamentals like UI/UX and SEO.

We are selective about the clients that we partner with and only engage companies looking to scale, mostly in the $5M+ annual revenue range. Rapid growth is what wakes us up in the morning.

Our number of available client spots is limited at any given time - we give our full attention and energy to ensure you get what you need.

If you think we sound like the right fit for you, give us a shout. We’d love to hear from you and discuss the possibilities.



Managing Partner
Kenneth Shen
Managing Partner
Jenner Kearns
Marketing Automation
Bill Fetter
Head of Content
Isla Bruce
Marketing Strategist
Katya Shishchenko
Healthcare Consultant
Connie Harrolle

Our Brand

Our name represents our entire philosophy. Why? 

We see modern marketing as a series of tactical investments into the most rapid growth opportunities. 

Just like trading financial instruments, our mission is to create more value. To us, your investment is a financial asset and it’s our responsibility to make it grow.

We help our growth-ambitious clients achieve market-leading results fueled by data. It’s our passion, and we’re always hungry for more.

Because Half Past Nine is the time the NYSE opens.
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